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We've been with Wrike for over a year now. This is my biggest complaint. I don't want to be notified in outlook, I want everything to come to my inbox in Wrike: Notifications when someone completes a task I've assigned; when they comment on something I @mention them - without them having to @mention me; Our goal with a project management software was to take work out of our email inbox - it's not working that way. Seems like we should be able to customize our Wrike inbox to be notified of any thing instead of it having to be emailed..... Please, Please address this issue... it's going to make me want to find a different project management solution!

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Hey Shelly!

Do you have your email notifications turned off in your Wrike profile settings? That's something we suggest to all of our team members to do right off the bat. It definitely makes our email inbox so much cleaner.

If you're not getting the notifications you need in Wrike, I suggest the Stream view. It's definitely not as good as getting the notification in your Wrike inbox, but it could be a good workaround solution!

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Won't that make it so I wouldn't get any notifications then? If they don't show up in Wrike inbox and I don't get email notifications how would I get notified??

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And yes, I check the stream view several times a day... Not convenient.


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Howdy, Shelly!

I've only been in Wrike for about seven months, but if I'm understanding your problem correctly, there are settings in your profile you can change to achieve what you're wanting. Personally, I have Wrike open on my desktop all day, and I have the app on my phone giving me real time notifications, so I have turned off ALL of my email notifications. Now, the only emails I get from Wrike are for account issues or conversations I'm following on here. 

One thing I did notice recently, on the bottom of the email notifications page (click your name in the top right, select "profile settings" and then "Email Preferences on the left bar), at the very bottom there are Product Reminders to notify you when things are done.

Also, the new task approvals allow you to link approvals to statuses within a workflow. We are in the process of implementing the status approval with our accounting department, which seems to be working well so far. Whenever someone gets a payment for their particular project, they set the payment task to "Payment Received" and it sends an approval request to our accounting department. Once our accounting department processes the payment, they approve the task and the status automatically changes to Payment Processed, our "completed" status in that workflow. 

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions about how I set up our process, or if I'm completely misunderstanding you problem. 


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