Addition of Macros and Private notes

I have realized just how some of my day-to-day replies are so redundant. I wish Wrike had a Macro feature available in the tread where we can quickly select our selected saved replies and be able to trigger them to self fill in the comment when we select it. This will be a huge time saver for us. Prior to Wrike I used a different system that had this feature. Below is a description of the Macro setup they have.

Save time and automate the lowest common denominator in your workload. Commonly repeated replies can be sent in a just a few clicks, such as public replies and private notes, or updating conversation fields. Your team can choose from a list of macros when replying to a conversation in the comment area, and save themselves many clicks or redundant comments with just one macro.

I hope we have can this featured installed into Wrike. It will be a game change.

I also would like to mention another idea: Internal Notes. the same system I described that has Marcos also offers internal notes.  Leaving private or internal notes on your conversations is often a critical step in keeping everyone up-to-date on its status. Notes let you leave updates and messages that are only visible to the selected mentions (@) you wish to share the note with. No one else will ever see the note if they are not tagged on that specific note within the task and comments. 


I was this was helpful.......

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Welcome to the Community Johnny Nuno 👋 Thank you for posting your feedback and suggestions here, we have a process with our Product team where we report all feedback for them to consider. When your post reaches 60 upvotes/likes (showing the team that the suggestion is popular), we will add one of the statuses to your post.

One small thing - I will now move your post to the Product Feedback forum so it can enter our process 👍

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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Johnny Nuno One workaround for the Internal Notes could be creating a custom field called "Notes" and making that custom field visible only to the relevant team members instead of visible to the entire account. Keep in mind, if you pull this field into a report anyone with access to the report will be able to see what is in the field, so you'd need to be strategic. However, if only managers/leadership/decision makers have access to the report that probably won't be an issue.

I use a notes field like this (but everyone in the account can see it) and find it quite helpful when looking for status updates or at a glance simplicity in the table view. If placed on the project and task, you can easily get a detailed update that goes a little deeper than just a "status" but without the need to click into a bunch of different items. Generally speaking, I like having the notes and comments visible to everyone so that anyone who needs an update can glance at the fields or the thread and be in the loop, but hopefully my suggestion above helps if you need to "lock down" certain info.


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Internal notes is unlikely. Guess why? Wrike don't even use their own platform for ticketing, they use Zendesk. 

Ironically it was suggested by our account manager that we could replace Zendesk with Wrike.... Go figure!

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