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I understand that Permissions are Set at the top folder and are applied down through child objects. Is there a way to break the  inheritable permissions of a folder and apply new permissions at that folder level? For example, we have Parent Folder called "Employees"; in that folder I want to apply a group called "Employees" permission to that folder. For sub folders, I want to create one called "User A" and for this folder I only want the user and myself to have access to that folder. And the same for other users. Is this possible?

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Hi Thomas, thanks for reaching out 🙂

So there's the Selective Sharing feature available on Enterprise. Turning on Selective Sharing for a folder or project lets you edit who can access that folder or project, regardless of who has access to the parent folder or project. 

If you're not on Enterprise, I'd suggest making this folder a parent one and only available to a certain number of people by sharing it with them.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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