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I have a Request Form that creates a Project from a Blueprint.  It makes sense for the user to add a due date they need the item, but not to include a start date.  This means my project is created with no start date.

Then I try and create a Calendar with 'Project duration to display: End Date' to show these projects.  Unfortunately they don't show up b/c apparently you have to have a start date on a project to appear in a calendar... even though my Calendar is only looking to display the end date.  This doesn't make sense.

The only work around is to put a start date on the request form, which also doesn't make sense b/c the requestor doesn't know how long the project will take to complete.  The requestor only know when they need it.

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@wrike Is there any update on this? I agree, I only track end dates in what we do. It makes it very difficult if I have to add the full duration. Surely this has been fixed since 2019?

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Hi Gabriell Fasnacht, welcome to the Community! 

This feedback has been passed on to the Product team, but for now, I don't have an update regarding this. And once it reaches 60 upvotes (= likes), the team will provide a Product status here 👍

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