Mass Timelog Edits

Hey Everyone, 

I'm looking to edit multiple time entries at one time across a range of projects for a specific client. 

For instance:

- A client would like to see the time spent this month on their multiple development projects

- A report is pulled containing the fields for the client and every time entry for that month

- "Oh No!" I developer forgot to add a comment on what was done to a few of the entry's

Is there an easy way to edit all entries from one screen, or do we have to drill into each individual project in order to adjust/add comments. 

Let me know if I am missing something!


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Hey Tony, thanks for your question 🙂

Timesheets trial (available in Wrike Labs) helps you view the tasks week by week and edit/add time log entries there. I'd suggest you to try it out, and please let me know what you think 🙌

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