Ability to Move Attachments and Duplicate them

Attachments have seemed to be difficult in a couple of ways for me. 


Drag and Drop OUT of Wrike

1) When someone sends me an attachment that I need to email or save to my computer, I have to drag it first to the desktop and then I can load it into an email or drag it to the folder I wanted to save it in. 

Drag and Drop straight from Outlook

2) When I want to upload a doc to a task that someone emailed to me, I can't drag the attachment straight from Outlook into Wrike. I have to drag it again, to the desktop first before I can add it in. 

Duplicating Attachments

3) When I set up a new office and give them access to workflow projects that were created for them, I then have to go through and drag and drop attachments into the folder that I just created. It would be easier if we could select attachments to be duplicated as easily as custom fields, assignees, etc. Just a check mark box in the duplication options pane. 


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Hey Kelli,

All good points made here, thanks for sharing. I wanted to share some links to existing Requests and to gather some more info about the suggestions 😊

1. Yes, dragging attachments directly to locations is not always possible. One alternative way to move an attachment to the source location is to 'download' the attachment from the task and select the source from your computer's dialog box that appears. This isn't as easy as a D&D option so thanks for sharing this idea here!

2. The Wrike's Outlook add-in makes it possible to add emails and attachments directly via the add-in. There's an ongoing conversation about this here you might be interested in voting for and discussing further.

3. For this, are you looking to duplicate the attachment only? You're likely aware you can duplicate attachments when you duplicate a task which might help more these attachments to the Folder you need. Any questions, let me know and if I've misunderstood here, please let me know and thanks for posting 🙌

👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos

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