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Has there been any thought about making tasks "protected" so that others can see them and comment on them, but not actually change the date/description? 

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Hi Emily! Have you tried using a Collaborator type license for those users which should have a different set of permissions? Collaborators can add comments and change statuses, but can't edit other attributes. Alternatively, it's possible to introduce this on a Folder/Project basis (so users would have limited permissions only in a certain location) with the help of Folder and Project Permissions. Happy to hear your thoughts on this!

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That's really not a viable option. What we need is for people to be able to create their own tasks, but not edit other people's tasks. My team members need to be able to create their own work but that doesn't mean they need to be able to make changes to my tasks, projects, or folders. The permissions in Wrike seem to be "all or nothing".

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Emily, thanks for getting back to me! I see what you're saying here, "all or nothing" is an interesting perspective on it, and I'd actually really appreciate hearing your thoughts about the whole permissions model based on your workflows and processes. Apart from the request stated here, are there any other points you think would be worth raising with our Product Team? I'm also interested in learning whether the Folder/Projects Permissions functionality is helpful in your use case. Look forward to hearing back from you and your team!

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Thank you so much for listening! One of my favorite things about Wrike is the attention to customer needs. Personally, what I'd love to see is something similar to the email notifications screen, where admins could check boxes and give specific permissions to each user/collaborator. It would be even more wonderful if we could break these into two segments: For tasks you create, For tasks created by others. Some of the categories that we would find useful would be:

  • Create tasks 
  • Assign tasks to self
  • Assign tasks to others
  • Edit date on tasks 
  • Edit description on tasks
  • Edit documents on tasks
  • Duplicate tasks
  • Submit request forms
  • Create projects
  • Create folders
  • Tag tasks with folders
  • Share folders with others
  • Share tasks with others

The Folder Permissions does seem like it could be useful, but I don't believe that's something that our current access level (Business) provides. Is that correct?

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Hi Emily! Let me step in for Anastasia here. We appreciate you sharing perspective on admin rights! Thank you for your idea of its visualization! I can see how admins can benefit from dividing rights into related to user's own activity and the activity of others, it allows a high level of flexibility.

I am glad to tell you that Folder Permissions are available for Business subscription!

Please see the screenshot below showing how you can edit permissions in your Folders:

  1. Right-click the Folder in the Folder tree
  2. Select Share
  3. Switch to the tab "Shared with"
  4. Click Edit permissions
  5. Set the level you prefer. Here is the list of abilities that come with each level of permissions.
  6. Make sure to save the changes!

If you go for trying this feature out, we would definitely like to hear how it works for you!

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Hello Alina,

I have a similar problem, in that I'd like to be able to have task descriptions locked, but all the other components of Editor access.  Is there some way that this could be done?


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Since a folder must have one person with "full access," it seems possible to create an extra account with a general office email account that could have "full access" to a specific folder. That way, changes wouldn't be inadvertently made. And when changes are justified, folder permissions could be updated to allow access to needed staff members.


Along these lines, is there a way to "lock" an entire folder to prevent any accidental changes...even by myself? I've created a master project timeline that I want to ensure stays accurate for duplicating. Thanks!


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