How to Restrict Visibility of Tasks / Uploads

I'm a Creative director using Wrike to manage graphic design project requests from clients, and my general work flow. My clients (collaborators) will use a project request form to submit a job ticket to us. When they do so, they are automatically shared to that project. However, my concern is that as we go through initial rounds of design, I want to use Wrike to upload those early design versions and make edits and changes privately with my design team without them being visible to the client. When we are ready to present the design to the client for review, I want to be able to loop the client in to see, make comments, and request revisions of their own.

I can't see a way to do this without removing the client from the project. But doing that will remove the client's ability to check on the status of the project, which is a feature we really like about Wrike. 

Clients shouldn't see the messy design process and back and forth that is handled internally. I'm concerned my only option will be to keep those initial back and forth designs outside of Wrike and handled in email, but that sort of defeats a big part of the purpose of using Wrike in the first place.

Thoughts? Help?

Thank you!

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Hi Michelle, great question and thanks for the level of detail here, it really helps me understand what you're looking to do.
Cathy had a similar problem and Stephanie suggested this great workaround. Although Cathy is concerned with comments section being visible to clients, the Folder setup Stephanie suggests there could work for you too. Please take a look and let me know what you think!
Sam also posted about creating multiple subfolders/tasks that are only visible to clients, so feel free to upvote this request also if you feel it would benefit your process.
Looking forward to your reply. Thanks for sharing!
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I am in the same situation as the OP. Is there any update to this feature? The workaround seems duplicative and cumbersome/confusing. Please let me know if this (over 4 year old request) has had any consideration/progress? 

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Hi Michelle HINES, welcome to the Community 👋 Thanks for reaching out and supporting the suggestion here!

The solution we recommend is creating two separate instances for private conversations and communication with the clients. Wrike's powerful sharing capabilities allow you to share what's relevant to the client and keep internal discussions private. Can you please let me know if that can work for you, or, if not, why? 

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