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A few requests that would improve my day to day use of Wrike:

1. Left side panel (Folder/Project list), can you please add a way to EXPAND ALL (and collapse all).  I keep my Wrike window open and pinned at all times but I often need to refresh to get my stream to populate correctly....once I do so, most or all of my folders collapse and I am forced to go back and manually expand dozens of subfolders. ...very time-consuming.

2. Tasks: along the same lines as above, in any given task, there may be miles long comment entries...In order to read from the beginning to the end, I have to click on "SHOW MORE UPDATES" dozens of times just to read the stream.  It would be a real time-saver to be able to just click a button to expand all.

3. Request Forms: It would be great if sub-items could be added to the actual "Questions."  For example, one of my Request Forms is for a Yard Sign Order...the requester can check off boxes of items ordered.  I would like to be able to create a sub-question of each box item so they they can enter a quantity.  I suppose it would be like creating an IF-THEN.  If they check here, show a dropdown for quantity...or something of that nature.

Thanks for considering my suggestions!

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Hi Erin, thanks for writing this up and sharing on the Community! Those ideas are great and I can see how they could be useful for different teams, and it's always fantastic to learn about different workflows. Something I wanted to mention, related to your third request, is that we recently released Dynamic Request Forms, supporting conditional formatting. While this isn't exactly what you outlined, just wanted to bring it up in case it helps for certain types of questions, and also let you know that we're continuously working on this functionality. :)

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