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Hey Everyone, 

Is there a way to auto-assign my self in the personal page portion of wrike?

It is typically used as more of a to do list that may not have a specific project that it is linked too. 

EX) Run time sheet report, attend weekly round table meeting, create on call flow chart etc. 

It seems like it would be very convenient if it auto assigned myself as the page is only used for tasks i'm doing. 

This way all personal tasks will also show up on my dashboard for the "to do" section for the day/week. 

Let me know if anyone has a suggestions. 



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Hi Tony, good question!

There's no way direct way to this, but here are the workarounds I've seen others use, or I use, for tasks created in my personal folders.

I use the Chrome Browser's Wrike To do Extension. Here, you can quickly title tasks in a new Chrome tab and then they'll populate in a private Folder called 'Chrome ToDo Extension' within Wrike while also giving you a nice todo list in new tabs in Chrome. You can also see your Inbox notifications using this extension. (I'd recommend trying this extension out regardless 🤓)

So what I do: I use the todo extension for Chrome. When some new task comes up, I type it in my todo extension so I can review it later. Every Monday (or every couple of days) I open my 'Chrome Todo Extension folder' in Wrike and mass edit to assign all the tasks I created in the todo extension to myself.

Here are some other workaround options I've seen people use.

- Mass actions. Like what I do above. Go to your personal Folder and 'select all', and then assign all tasks to yourself - bingo, done! I usually do this every Monday for tasks I created the previous week but was not yet ready to work on.

- Create a dashboard widget based on tasks from your Personal folder with not assigned filter. Quickly organized reference for these private tasks, which you can quickly open each and assign yourself so they move to your own 'todo' Dashboard.

Hope these options help - it would be great to hear what you decide to do and if you have any questions, let me know 👍

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Hey guys I can't believe that in the personal space the tasks aren't auto assigned to you.


I really need some explanations here I just purchased your product and to me it doesn't make sense. It's my personal space where I track gym, personal purchases and my health tasks. Why would I need an extra step to assign myself so I can see it in Today/This week Dashboard?


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Hi Vlad Bolovan, welcome to the Community 🙂

If you create new tasks in the My to-do list in your Personal Space, all tasks are automatically assigned to you. Here's more info:

Hope this helps 🙌

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