Request forms - feature suggestions

I have previously suggested that request forms should be given enhanced features such as explainer/help text around questions.

However now we've been using it across our business and it's being used by all departments to funnel 'work requests' through to our team we've identified a number I features that would be great to add.

  1. Introduction text above the form
  2. Optional explainer/help text on questions
  3. Customise the auto response email depending on the form or what they select. Such as 'a member of our team' will confirm within 48 hours' etc
  4. Selection question - If they select a particular answer, display text instead of proceeding to submit form.


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Some great ideas here Martin. Thank you for sharing!
1. I can see how this may be useful. It would be great if you could share an example or use case so other members can see the value of having this option.
2. I can see that on your last post, Anastasia linked to this article from Jezper. Just a light reminder to vote on this too, if you have not already.
3. Jamie posted about customizing Request Form confirmation emails and it has been an ongoing discussion with many members adding value to the suggestion. Can you please visit this post, vote for it and add any information you'd like to add by commenting? 
4. This is an interesting suggestion and I can see why in some cases this could come in useful. As a workaround, have you tried using Dynamic Form's conditional redirects? You could redirect the form's path to a message that would inform the requester of some new information that you choose. However, this information would be displayed to the requester as a question, and the option to submit the form would still be available to the customer, which would generate a task in Wrike. However, you could map this to a Custom Field which helps you identify this type of request in Wrike. I'd really like to hear any use case or example you have for this so I can better understand it's implementation. 
Looking forward to your reply!
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Thanks yes we would definitely like the other features mentioned in the other articles. As for your third point the reason why we would like it is because we have two workflow streams depending on whether the request is 'support' or 'new feature'.


Support requests - Uses an internal ticketing system

New requests - Uses the Wrike forms


At the moment we often get people submitting support requests into our 'new feature' wrike form, which is an issue as we then have to go back to them and ask them to send it through another system, which gets picked up by another department. What we would like is the first question on the form to be

Is this request related to support or a new feature?

If support is selected a message appears, telling them to submit through the other system with a link to that system 

Alternatively just a wysiwyg editor where we can have a clear statement they must read before proceeding to fill in the form, making it very clear this is not for support requests.

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Hi Martin, quick update on this 😊

Today we released 'hint' options on Request forms. Thanks for your input on this!

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