Firing a project by checking a checkbox on Request Form

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I couldn't find this on the QA videos, might be too specific, but help me out optimizing this.
I'll put this in context to make it easier. The scope is marketing campaign, whenever my client indicates that they need a Landing Page Creation (Checkbox on the request form) I wanted to fire a saved template I have to run the task/project in parallel to the project that is already created after finishing such request. 
IF Landing page -> Landing Page Creation project assigned to X under Y folder.
I also have a request form for Landing page creation which fires the Landing Page Creation project, so if the checkbox allowed me to send the request form to X, this would also be a partial solution generating the demand to the right person.
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Hi John, I hope I fully understand what you're looking to do here. I think conditional forwarding might help. This allows you to add an additional Parent Folder to your form when a specific answer is selected.

Take a look here and let me know if I'm on the right track here 🙂


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