Auto-Follow control: ability to remove default when creating tasks

Currently, if you create a task then you are automatically set to follow that task. Is there a way to change that default so that you only follow a task if you choose to? When you are creating sometimes more than a 100 tasks a day it becomes very cumbersome to unfollow every single task.  But if you don't then you get bogged down with desktop notifications with every single update. 

A wonderful Wrike support rep was able to show me how to use mass-actions to unfollow multiple tasks (all 100) at once (via article through which you can narrow down the time period the tasks were created and who created them.  However this means you have to do this periodically, which again becomes just another task to do.  

Is there a way we can ask the development team to look into creating a way to change the default on auto-following a task?  

This might be in a different request but it would also be great if you could control the overall auto-follow option.  Either that or the ability to control whether you get notifications on a task even if you are assigned to it or @mentioned in it.  For instance we have an overseer of a parent task but they don't need a notification every single time there is an update on that parent task (as we are working on them all throughout the day for weeks on end).  We understand you can unfollow a task but that means every time you are @mentioned in a task it sets the auto-follow back on. 

If you have any ideas on other options that would be Great!  Thanks for all your hard work!

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Hi Deidra, thanks for your post. I've thought about this and I think you've got a fair point here so thanks for sharing so others can vote and discuss and also so our Product Teams have visibility when reviewing this feature in the future.

For now, I would recommend looking at your email preferences so you can at least manage when or what you're notified about and see if you can make any adjustments here. 

If there's any further update from our team, I'll be sure to post here - thanks again for sharing 😊

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

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