Release Notes-August 8

Feature Updates

  • Wrike Inbox Sent Tab
    • Everyone's Wrike Inbox now has a sent tab. The tab shows all tasks where you've left a comment so it's easier to go back and find tasks.
  • Request Form Submission on iOS 
    • Our iOS users out there can now use Request forms from our mobile app. Fill them out, submit them. Get going. 
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Two new keyboard shortcuts joined the Wrike family: 1) Add task to Folder and 2) Add a new comment. 
  • Collaborators and Live Editor 
    • Collaborators can now see changes to the description field in real time (before there was a lag). This is for Wrike's browser version, not the mobile version. 
  • Edit Dashboard Widget Sorting 
    • You can change a widget's sorting order by editing it right from the Dashboard tab. 


  • Filter by Custom Fields 
    • Upper and lower case are no longer taken into account when you're filtering by Custom Fields. This is for the filters: contains, starts with, ends with, and equal to.
  • Jumping on Stream 
    • Before: If you opened a Folder's Stream, in some cases the tasks would jump around when you clicked on an item. We changed that so that it doesn't happen anymore. 
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