Release Notes-August 4

Feature Updates

  • Project Creation Wizard and Default View
  • Custom Fields in Audit Reports
    • Audit Reports are getting beefed up (again). Now you can choose to monitor when a Custom Field is added to or removed from a Folder. 
  • Back Again...Two Custom Logos
    • Due to popular demand we're rolling back a recent release. Instead of having to use the same logo for both email notifications and the Workspace, we've gone back to having one logo for each area
  • Inbox Zero Messaging
    • Just for you (yes, you), we've added four new messages to Inbox (for when you reach Inbox zero or when there's nothing to see in Inbox). Now, go clean those Inboxes.


  • Effort Allocation on Business Accounts
    • For a little while Business accounts didn't see Effort Allocation in Labs. We took care of things and now everyone can enable effort allocation again (hooray!).
  • Incorrect Dates with Project Duplication
    • Before when you duplicated a Project and used the option to reschedule tasks, the duplicated Project and tasks had the wrong dates. Now everything works as it should and items are rescheduled correctly.
  • Image Thumbnails in Duplicated Tasks
    • Before: You duplicated a task but didn't copy attachments to the duplicate. An image thumbnail appeared in the description but you couldn't open the image. Now: If you leave "Copy attachments" unchecked, then image thumbnails don't appear in the duplicate. 
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