Syncing with Team on Project Inputs

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I've been in my role as a project manager using Wrike for about 3 months. I have two other counterparts that also are project managers for their groups as we have 3 different "verticals" we work in. When I first joined, each group was entering projects in their own way, with different setups, ways of naming, etc. 

The problem here is that we use shared resources that were getting confused about the different ways we input projects. I've started holding monthly meetings with the other PMs so we can get on the same page.

I'm looking to see if anyone else has advice on what they did to make sure there was consistency in all projects since we have more than one person inputting and managing these. 


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Hi Lindsey Fricke, to drive consistency in naming conventions, project formatting, and where projects are located we have setup project templates (for each type of project) and request forms for launching anything new into Wrike.  Our request forms supply naming conventions (see image below) the requester should use and have single select questions that drive where the project is placed within our system.

When it comes to creating new items in our system, all users are required to use the request forms available.  If they do not see a form that meets their needs, they should contact our team's Wrike administrator to find out how to launch their project or task.  If a new folder or template is necessary, it will be created or the user just didn't have access to the correct request forms yet.

We've found this to be a good way of ensuring commonality across our system to make it easier for all users to find, report on, and interact with the projects and tasks.

Hope this is helpful to you!  Cheers!

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Blueprints and Request Forms are the best way to go. I also find that assigning a refresher course in Wrike on Wrike Discover works well toward building common vocabulary. Also, now that everyone has been in Wrike and is more familiar with the platform, the video lessons are more effective. Users can absorb the information on a deeper level.

I am also using a RACI chart to have the initial discussion about who does what and when with the other Project Managers.

Wrike has a RACI template with customized fields that you can actually add to your blueprints which is groovy once you get familiar with RACI charts.

If you haven't used a RACI chart - here's a quick overview:

  • Break the project down into tasks - not super small, mostly handoffs, meetings, proof passes, and approvals.
  • For each task indicate who is Responsible (does the work), Accountable (responsible for making sure the work is done), Consulted (asked for input and feedback), and who is Informed (needs to know what is happening -like a PM).
  • Sit down with the other PMs and work through the chart. You will start to use the same vocabulary and process style. Even though everyone has their own PM style, the more you build the scaffolding (Spaces, Projects, Folders, Tasks), the more you will build the Production Cycle culture together.

These new RACI charts can then inform the blueprints and the request forms to some extent.

Start super simple and add more detailed request forms and automation as everyone starts to feel comfortable. Change takes time. 





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