How many projects is too many?

I'd love to hear from the Wrike community regarding the volume of projects currently being managed in Wrike. How many projects would you say you manage in Wrike at a time? 

For me a project is defined as the implementation/onboarding of a technology product as well as various program like components. It will typically last 3-4 months, involve 3-4 internal team members and 3-4 external stakeholders. 

I realize this is a very general question but I thought this would be a good place to start my research.


Thanks for reading!

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Great question, I would like to learn more on this as well.

Most of our projects are based on contracts with external entities (which include start dates, end dates, deliverables, and amounts that are payable/receivable). The only exception are our events (which involve contracts, but aren't necessarily initiated based on a contract with an external party). Depending on how many fiscal years a contract/project will span, we break the overall project down into sub-projects for each fiscal year of the overarching project. We currently have 80 projects (including the sub projects, the count is 123). We use a custom field to distinguish the overarching project from sub projects (for reports).

We have other annual processes/evaluations that some may consider a project (but are missing deliverables, amounts that are payable/receivable, etc.), but for right now they're organized with folders/tasks. We use custom fields to distinguish pertinent tasks from more general tasks, so that this work can be reported on similarly to projects.



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I'd love to hear more about this too. Great question.

We're a marketing team and our projects range in size from a single deliverable (like a flyer) to multi-year development of new programs for our members. We currently have 165 projects active (organized as 84 master projects and 77 sub-projects), which is about average for us. For our team a project is defined by related deliverables that share a timeline and common stakeholders. 

We also use a custom field to separate master projects from sub projects and organize them in folders by line of business. Our top level of folders divide active from archived projects so our project navigation doesn't get too cluttered. 

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Hey everyone, thank you for sharing all of your input here!

Every team is different, so there is no one set number for how many projects are too many. Utilizing spaces and folders can make organizing these projects a lot easier, though. I would also recommend checking out this Wrike Discover course on Blueprints if your projects are similar to each other, and you're looking to save time while creating new projects for new clients/initiatives. 

Hope this helps! If you need anything else, be sure to let me know.

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