To-Do display heirarchy

Your rollover text is formatted in a more helpful manner than the actual display card for any task. Please consider redesigning these cards to show the full path of tasks. It's too relevant to be hidden behind a pop-up. It's clear that the information CAN BE displayed, so it should be displayed without an action (hovering over something) having to be taken. 


This same exact problem has been brought to your attention many many times over a period of years. So I don't expect that you're ever going to address it. 


Here are two threads:


Perhaps instead of waiting for 60 upvotes on disparate threads created over years, you can realize that this issue is persistent, and the upvotes + threads + comments most certainly deserve addressing. 

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Hi Ken Stanek,

I understand that it can be frustrating to see a suggestion appear multiple times without it being implemented. While we would love to implement all of the suggestions on the Community, there are multiple reasons for why this isn't the case. You can read about how suggestions are processed here. Please rest assured that all of your feedback is heard by the team, and that it is used in conversations about future improvements.

Thank you for your feedback, and if you have any other use cases / feedback / questions, let me know.

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