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Does anyone have tips for sharing a task and its subtasks with external stakeholders, so they can get an idea of what is planned for a particular item? Options I have explored:

1. Collaborator license... We have several stakeholders and it isn't feasible/realistic to get a Collaborator license for them at the moment so that option doesn't work for us. 

2. Snapshot - it seems like that option doesn't allow users to just view a single task, just a project. 

The situation we are in is that, as part of a larger event marketing plan, we have several, smaller events that require only a few promotions. It's not really useful to make a separate project for each of these smaller events, but I would like to be able to share with the stakeholders involved what promotions are planned without needing to share the entire project plan... 


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Hey Kristin, welcome to the Community!

One way you could share tasks with people outside of Wrike is to take advantage of our "Print Tasks" functionality. Following these instructions gives you a PDF file containing the contents of that task. You can then email these on to your stakeholders if they need to see what is in the task!

Hope this helped! If you have any other questions let me know 😊

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