Incorrect date alignment when duplicating project

I have noticed that when I duplicate a project that ends on a Thursday and the new project ends on a Tuesday, the date alignment is off. It will make tasks that were on two different days of the week due on the same day if the new date alignment caused one to (almost) fall on a weekend. We have our Wrike set up to not schedule tasks on weekends.

Is there a way to make it so Wrike knows to push tasks back past the weekend to the previous business day? I wind up having to manually adjust those dates myself and it is time consuming. The only fix that I could come up with is to have separate templates for the same project that all land on different days of the week. That seems like a lot of extra work?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!


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@ginger How do you have the dependencies set up in your Timeline view? With dependencies you can create time between each task and when you reschedule a process with a new start or end date, those time gaps are still in place. Without dependencies properly configured, your date sequencing will be off.

If you have a time between tasks set in your cadence, the timeline view will show a solid line behind the task that is backstopped. By manually moving the task to where you want it on your template or process you are duplicating, the line will appear. See attached. 

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Hi Kelli, Thank you for the suggestion! I tried that, but it actually put some of the tasks on weekends. I didn't manually select "include weekends," either. Does this feature skip the weekend?

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@Ginger Are the tasks assigned to individuals? Are their calendars in their user profiles set as available on the weekends? On my account, you can see above the days that are not available are grey. On your view are they grey or white? 

On my timeline you CANT schedule something on a weekend. Those are automatically marked as not available. You can see on my screenshot above that a task can stretch OVER a weekend, but the duration of the task does not include those days. For example, if I have a two day task that falls on a Friday, it will look like its a 4 day task because it will stretch Friday through Monday, but the duration is still the same. 

If your tasks are assigned to individuals, I would try unassigning them and then see if you face the same issue. Check your calendar settings in your profile as well to ensure that you are set up to be available only the days that you want to be (ex. not weekends). 

Let me know how it goes!

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