Mass creating dependencies

It would be very helpful if there was a way to select several tasks and create a dependency link between them all.  

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Yes!! Microsoft Project does this.

Since we tend to create tasks from a mental list of "do this, then do that..." we tend to already have all of our Wrike Tasks (or sub-tasks) entered in the List View in order of dependency, right from the start.

So, if we could then highlight them all and indicate "Link These as Dependent" (in the order they're in) we'd save a ton of time versus tediously connecting them in the Dependency setting, or even typing in the predecessor in the Gantt Chart view. (BTW - thanks for that huge improvement but I'm greedy and want more 😃).

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Hi Guys, in the Gannt, table you can drag the line from each task to create a dependency, would this help.

Right now there are no mass edit to create dependency options but it's a cool idea, thanks for sharing (and sorry for the delayed reply 😇).

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi . It would be nice to have a create dependency feature using the Mass Editing functionality. Please can this be implemented? 

This way i can easily link up tasks. 


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