๐Ÿค– Releases - A Couple of Small UI Updates and New Automation Actions (03/06/2023)

The new automation actions are:
Create item - This creates a new standalone item when the rule is triggered. You can specify the type of the item, its name, and description, as well as the location where it'll be created. Example: When the status of a task changes to โ€œSecurity review required,โ€ then create an item in the โ€œSecurity team" folder.
Create subitem - This creates a subitem for the items that the rule applies to. You can specify the name and description of the created subitem and its type. Note that the item type selection can be limited by the scope of the rule (e.g. project/folder can't be a subitem for a task). Example: When a new task in the "Bugs" folder is created, then create a subitem (for this task) called "Dev Story."

Note: These new actions are currently not available on the Team plan but it's in the works to add them there in the nearest future.

Find more info in this Community post.
  • Sharing - Copy Link Option Added ๐Ÿ”—
We added the Copy Link button to the sharing dialog window. Why? Because it is nice to have all the sharing options in one place! Now, you can share an item with someone and send them the link right away without switching windows. The Copy permalink button is still there as well and works as it did before.
We've improved the request form creation flow and added a small, but important update. Now, when you publish a request form you will see a confirmation window with an option to copy the link to the request form.
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