Templates for WorkFlows

It would be great if there was a way to make true templates. Perhaps a quicker interface or pull down menu to select which template you want to use to push live rather than having to copy/duplicate/rename. 

This would speed up duplication of routine projects in any office. 

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Hi Kelli, thanks for your post.
A quick list of your templates is a great idea! To help our Product Team fully understand what you're thinking, where in the Workspace would you like to see this interface or dialog box? For me, I think it might be good to have it as an option when you press the green '+' button above your Folders 😊
I also want to mention that you can create Projects from a template using Request forms. This would allow you to submit a Request which will create a Project from an existing template, this may be useful to you and your team instead of duplicating templates directly from your Folder tree. If this option interests you, take a look at Anastasia's example on Darius's post.
Looking forward to your reply & thanks again for sharing!
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I do not believe that is what she is asking. She is asking about duplicating a template or creating templates to create workflows off of.


For instance I work with Wrike with about 20 clients. Each client has its own access and team. Because of this I can't use a single workflow for all clients, since I need to bind assignees to each status in the workflow.

Right now they only way to separate clients using the same workflow is to manually recreate the workflow for each client and rebind all the steps and then rebind the assignees. It is a large time consuming task that many other systems have build in for duplicating.

You should just be able to have a button in the pancake menu for a workflow that is "Duplicate". This is yet another feature that is simple to implement, like many others that the general public is requesting and that are part of other systems, that Wrike does not seem to have implemented.

Wrike is on the verge of being Great! but right now it is Good because of the many "almost finished" features.

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