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Currently "Task count" or "project count" is fixed in the column type report. I would like to be able to remove this restriction and report 2 fields across a range of tasks. refer

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Jim Ensor

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Jim, I read the Support ticket you referenced (thanks for including that!). You want to be able to control what appears on the axis so you can show different data - but let me know if I'm getting that wrong. We'll send anyone else here if they have similar feedback and in the meantime, keep adding any other requests you have to this section. 

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My thought was that the metric "number of tasks" or "task count" treats all tasks as equal. But the reality is that they aren't. In my mind it is the assigned, values or, metrics to the tasks that are more important in many cases. 
Tasks can be longer in time, carry bigger budgets and so on. That would give me better insights when I look at charts, to get a grip of the relative proportions. 
In a use case, I might be more eager to look for tasks with more time or budget among overdue tasks. In general, being able to visualize data in a way that can drive action is more preferable. I think Wrike could become even more powerful if I could customize charts in the reports, and analytics views.
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Custom Axes is a must for any type of high level company analytics.  Number of tasks does nothing for me.  Playing around with wrike's report system and graphs I think the best/easiest way to implement on your end would be to have three selections for the "group by" after choosing "column" as report type.  The first group by selection is the X-axis.  The second group by selection is the Y-axis.  The third group by selection is what stacks in the columns.

For example, if I were to select

Group by 1:  Date

Group by 2: Time Spent

Group by 3: Category

The column report would then show Date on X-axis, Time Spent Y-axis, and then the column for an individual Date would stack the total time spent on individual categories create the column.  The color coding would then denote the category types that are stacked in the columns.  I did a quick mock-up in Excel and pasted the example below. 

I have other ideas on how the reporting system can be more useful for executives like myself if you would like to set-up a time to talk.

Thank you,


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One other thing that would be very useful in my example above is if then the monthly time spent totals were given for each category off to the side of the graph or by the color coded category key.  Then percentage time for each category of tasks could be easily calculated (or calculated and placed by the total time spent number which would be even better) to see where the team, a small group of people with similar job functions, or an individual is spending their time.

This method of total and percentage calculations would fit many types of calculations were the axes can be set to what is desired.  For example total number of tasks and percentage of each type of task is being performed, if someone was interested in task specific information.  Totals for task completion states (new, in progress, waiting on client, completed, etc).  

Implementing the calculations along with being able to set custom axes would most of the export and excel manipulations needed.  Which can be very time consuming.... If you want to get really nutty (where nutty = awesome) allow for custom calculations.... but, I can understand if that is phase 2 :-)

Thanks again,


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While I'm sure I'd love a fully customizable layout, my current needs are mostly around being able to see Duration/Time Spent on the Y axis. Primarily a report with columns for each user that shows how many hours they worked this month.

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Completely agree with all of above custom axes are critical.  As an MVP could we please at least get Duration as an option.  Count of Tasks does not help me manage my team.


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Hi everyone, thanks a lot for your feedback here! No updates from the team for now, but I'll let you know if that changes! 

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