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Dear Wrike,
It is an extremely important thing for our company – to have an option to filter tasks by folder/project name which tagged to these tasks.

Just for example, we have dozens of projects, with hundreds of tasks in each. 25% of all these tasks are connected with "Design Department" folder. Main issue – we can't sort all these tasks by "Design Department" folder name. Or any other project/folder name.

I know that you can suggest to filter by name of the people from "Design Department", who is assigned to all these tasks and grouped to "Designers" user group.


In 6 months some of them will be hired or moved to another department. So in the future more likely we will lose some of the important tasks in our searching-filtering-mission.


Besides, from "Design Department" folder it looks like a mess without any structure –  they can't understand from which project tasks came from.

But if designers would be able to filter their tasks by name of some project PLUS set "show parent folder", they will be able to understand a lot more.

Please add this thing to your roadmap. From our view it's just weird that we don't have such a simple, but extremely useful filtering option.

Kind regards.

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Hi Valentin, thanks for the detailed post! It sounds like Search Commands could help out here. To display tasks which belong in two specific Folders at once:

  1. Open one of the Folders.
  2. In the search bar at the top of the Worskpace, type the command Folder:"Folder Name".
  3. Select "Search in Current Folder".

Would this help? Happy to answer any other questions!


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Being able to filter based on Project/Folder attributes would be incredibly helpful and seems to me like it should have been basic functionality.


For example, I should be able to filter a folder, that contains many projects, by Status (outside of a report) and still be able to drill into these projects and view the project tasks.

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Hi everyone, I wanted to share a quick update here as we've been speaking to the Product team on this. This is currently not on the Product roadmap for the time being, but all of your feedback has been passed on to our team. If you have any questions, let me know 👍

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