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I recently started managing several social media accounts for our institution and am working on developing our Wrike process for managing content creation, assignments, and scheduling (while also looking to see how it can integrate with established workflows for our design and video teams). Does anyone have any best practices or examples of how they've used Wrike to manage content creation and scheduling for social media content?

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Hi Jesse Summers,

I advise you to:
1- design the ideal process you have in your company
2- create a specific blueprint to use as a template
3- automate any necessary automatisms through the Automation Engine or through the Workflows (for example: approvals, comments, mentions, etc.)

Here you can find a lot of Wrike Templates ready to use.

Let me know if I can help you.

bye Pietro


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Pietro Poli thank you for the suggestions!

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Jesse Summers There are several approaches you can take. Are you managing these social posts 1 by 1 or do you receive them in bulk requests? 

If 1 by 1, I would recommend using a custom item for each type of post requested. Then, I'd create a workflow of statuses that passes the assignment from one person to the next. We have one workflow for single item requests as follows:

  1. Not Started
  2. Copy/Edit
  3. Copy Review (approval)
  4. Design & Layout
  5. Design Review (approval)
  6. Schedule on Deployment platform
  7. Launch

If you are managing these in bulk requests, that's a much different & more complex approach. 

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Zachary Dilworth thank you for the suggestions! We are going to manage it one post at a time. Totally agree, bulk requests would be way too complex.


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