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I've come across a few past discussions regarding header tasks and how users handle these but would like to refresh the discussion. The scenario is that we will use a task as a 'Header' for a related group of subtasks. The header tasks will not always have an assigned user and I don't necessarily want to assign them to users just to keep them from showing up as 'unassigned'. These headers are super helpful from a visual standpoint and I'd like to keep using them so I'm curious if/how others are utilizing these.

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Hi Crystal Gonzales,

We used custom items to create a container for the basic information and header.
In these custom items, you can decide which fields to show and which not (assignee, expiration date for example are data that we hide).
Inside the task we put all the sub-tasks we need.

Can it be useful to you?

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I'm with you Crystal. My team is used to another app to communicate info. During any initial project meetings where assigning tasks I ask open questions to the group, and when it comes to assigning a header task (which I always do) I ask everyone who's the best person to engage at a high level. That way there's less connecting I do, and everyone is aligned from the beginning. 

From time to time, the header task will get re-assigned, but it's always good to have one point team member. 


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