Mobile app and request form bugs


We have introduced a cars tracking on wrike for issuing and proofing each process of passing teh cars/returning.

There is a request form to be filled etc. and then the end user has to confirm the takeover by changing the status.

This works fine when used from the desktop app.  It was an ideal use case to use mobile app request form as the person handling the takeovers can go and check on the car when issuing. But we have spotted 2 bugs:

1) In request form we have a single select field with car type and plates - based on this field we are putting the task in proper folder in the space. This is also used as a title creation. On desktop evertyhing works fine.

When we issue the request form it creates a task with all the description but it seems like not connecting the field properly as the title part is blank there and the task does not go to any folder. Location is empty.

2) We have used a photo field to add a photo for example of damages - also ideal use of mobile app.

When the dropdowns are pre-filled when taking a photo the statuses are being reset. We have to choose them one more time.


Do you have some ideas how to fix it as the mobile use is a must in this case. 

Thanks in advance.


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Hi MB, I've raised a support ticket to get more clarification and assistance on your behalf. Hope that's alright! Please let me know if I can help with anything else🙋🏻‍♀️

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