Wrike Proof feature request

Hi Wrike team,

We  have found some important features that are missing in Wrike Proof and we can greatly benefit from it if these features are added to the Wrike Proof as soon as possible

  1. Document Thumbnail view - Having thumbnails of pages available on documents to easily navigate between them. At the moment this can be done only using the page number option but this is not great alternative as lot of the times you would like to know what content or page you want to go to using the thumbnail view.
  2. Super script or Sub script - our team generally reviews on documents where there are super script or subscript text need to inserted to the existing content ,  this is not possible to mention in comments in Wrike Proof at present.
  3. Search or Find text option - there is no search option for text or comment on Wrike Proof.  This is quite important feature for able to quickly navigate to sections of the document where there are specific text or comments to address.
  4. Custom Zoom options -  Apart from the standard options of zoom, we need to have the custom zoom percentage to help with viewing the content as per the user's need.
  5. Magnify tool -   There is need for a magnifying/highlight function so you can magnify the passage of copy you need to look at.
  6. More Shapes needed -  There are not enough shape options only square or arrow, and there is no option to make them thinner or thicker border on the shapes. This helps QC teams to markup their comments as precisely as possible to help with review and changes.
  7. Multiple shapes to point a single comment  - There should be option to have draw multiple shapes around different areas of the content and provide the associated comment to all of them together in a single comment. At present you can only draw one shape and provide the comment. 
  8.  Attaching images to comments -  Ability to attach reference images, files or screenshots to support with the  comment is required.


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Thanks a lot for such detailed feedback and suggestions on Wrike Proof, Piyush Menon. I'm now passing them on to our Product team 👍

Welcome to the Community 🙌

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Lisa, Thank you for the support and sharing this with the product team. I would like to add one more item to the list and would appreciate you sharing this as well.

9. Compare files with comments bar -  

In the compare versions function, you're unable to scroll through or reference the comment bar when comparing 2 files. Due to this, the team has to be extra careful to not miss a markup and can become quite cumbersome when reviewing large files. If they could make it so the comment section shows when using the compare function similar to how you view comments on just 1 file, the teams review process would be more seamless
Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thank you for the additional feedback Piyush Menon, it's also passed on to the team now 🙌

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Lisa Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover


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