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I've spent some time reading through similar existing posts and am hoping I have not overlooked another user asking this same question. 

Is it possible to filter our Wrike inbox by project or folder to increase efficiency and simplify time tracking by working through all mentions on one project completely vs. jumping around? Being able to work through the inbox in this way would be tremendously helpful to many members of our team. 

Additionally, is there a way to search the Wrike inbox? I believe I've seen this mentioned in other threads, but they are quite dated. 

Appreciate any insight here or suggested workarounds if these are not current Wrike capabilities.

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Hi Christine Maness, welcome to the Community and thank you for posting! For now, it's not possible to filter by project/folder or search within the Inbox. I'll pass on your feedback to our Product team. As a workaround, I can suggest using Dashboards for tracking your work and automation for reminders. 

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