Project selection for Task creation forms

Would be handy if I could have a form field that allows the user to choose a Project to put the task they are creating into.

The field would pull all projects within a folder or space you choose as the options for the dropdown (a searchable dropdown would be ideal here).

We have an intake form for individual deliverables (tasks), and when they are submitted we have to manually add the task to a project if we know it's part of that project. Requestors generally know the task is related to a project before submitting, but us having to do it manually after submission is one of the more tedious aspects of our workflow currently. And if it gets missed on intake, it doesn't show up on project reports which can be problematic.

As an example: Requestors know they need something for our 2022 launch event, and they get reports of all the launch event items so they see the name of the project many times during the course of it. So if they had a new request, it would be easy to find the project in the dropdown (and to my earlier point, being able to enter "launch" and projects with that in the name would show, making it even easier to find).

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Thank you for sharing your use case and feedback Austin Headley, passing it on to our team 👍

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