Timelog Updates Needed

  • Why does time log not default to any date at first open? It would make more sense to show ALL time, and then filter down from there. We use the time log view to understand where we are at in a project at any given date, how many hours of the allotted scope have been used, etc. We also use the time log at the end of the project for Project Reconciliation. If not a change across the board, because we know Wrike doesn't like those, why not give the user the option to have a default view of time log, filtering to any date each time?
  • Another time log issue- when you click the gear, (see image below), there is no option to see "Effort." Seeing the original allotted effort next to actual time spent would give Project Managers an immediate look at where they are in the project, are they under budget, in scope or over budget, out of scope? This is important to all projects a project manager is working on, allotted effort should be an option in the gear.
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Hi Nicole DiTrani, thank you so much for the detailed feedback on the Timelog view, I'm passing on your feedback to our Product team. 

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