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We have a big Wrike community in our company (+/- 250 user licenses). We use Wrike to align our work/projects interdepartemental, but also to organise our work within the departments. This makes that we have a lot of workflows (almost 50) because each department has it own work proces(es) and therefore own flows, next to the general ones. This makes it hard to search the correct workflow when you need to change one (even with default flows assigned to folders). It would be nice to be able to assign certain workflows to certain user groups. Then we can make it so that workflows from a certain department are only visible to that department and are hidden for the rest of the users. 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jochen Simoens, thank you for posting! There is a similar Product Feedback suggestion here by Robin, could you please add your upvote there as well? 

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