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We've created a recurring task in Wrike for QHSE but unable to figure out how to ensure the assignee gets an alert via email, as the task is due to be completed in a year's time. I'm hoping it's something simple that i've missed! Would appreciate some help on this please :) thank you in advance.

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Hi Bonnie Hutchins - here are a couple of ideas that could help. We use recurring tasks frequently! 

  • Have the person who the task will be assigned to create the recurrence of that task. This way, they are the "creator" of all tasks going forward. Then make sure their email preferences are updated. Example of mine are below. I have a weekly recurring task that I get emailed about each week on Monday morning that a new task was created. Would this work for your case? 

  • The second option is through automation if you have that feature. You can apply an automation to tasks that have a due date within the next X days and if it meets that condition you can mention the assignee. 


Hope one of these options helps!

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