Book Recommendation - Data Visualization

As you are working on your Wrike Analyze formulas and pinpointing your needed data, I just wanted to recommend this book by Edward Tufte.

Edward Rolf Tufte, sometimes known as "ET", is an American statistician and professor emeritus of political science, statistics, and computer science at Yale University. He is noted for his writings on information design and as a pioneer in the field of data visualization.

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (Goodreads)

“Above all else show the data.”
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Hi Sean, thank you for the suggestion!

I want to suggest an interesting inspirational book on History of Information Graphics by Sandra Rendgen, Julius Wiedemann (Editor).

'...The collection is expansive in culture and geography, incorporating medieval manuscripts and parchment rolls, elaborate maps, splendid popular atlases, and early computer-based information design. Highlights include Martin Waldseemuller's famous world map, Andreas Cellarius's cosmic charts, and the meticulous nature studies of Ernst Haeckel, alongside many unknown treasures....'

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Hi Sean, 

I'll suggest having a look at this book: Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design by Andy Kirk

"With over 200 images and extensive how-to and how-not-to examples, this new edition has everything students and scholars need to understand and create effective data visualisations.

Combining ‘how to think’ instruction with a ‘how to produce’ mentality, this book takes readers step-by-step through analysing, designing, and curating information into useful, impactful tools of communication."

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