Map Request Form Fields to Project and/or Task

We use request forms for work intake and a task dashboard to plan each individual's weekly sprint. Each individual works pretty exclusively out of tasks, but we use projects to keep all tasks related to a project together. (i.e. if we have a request for a new webpage, we create a project with three tasks:  1 copywriter write the page copy, 2 designer layout what it should look like, and 3 web dev build the page in our CSM).

Having to navigate up to the project to see the work requirements is a lot of unnecessary clicking around and really difficult to do from the dashboard. It also has been slowing down our weekly sprint planning meeting where we review each individual's work. So I've been copy/pasting the description from the project into the tasks, which is not a good use of time either.

We'd like the ability to map a form field to the Project and/or Task description and concatenate the project name in the Task name.

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Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback Hayley Coxon, this is an interesting use case! I'll be passing your suggestion to the team 👍

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