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Currently the Wrike document editor times out after 4 hours. If the document being edited is not saved and closed during that time, the document is then saved to the desktop and changes in the original document in Wrike are not kept. This forces the user to delete the old document and upload the new from their desktop, which takes up time, and prevents the user from being able to see the different document versions in the side by side comparison view. 

We would like to suggest that the 4 hour time frame be increased to 8 hours. 

In addition, if this could be fixed to where it does not time out at all, and just keeps the file path pointing to the wrike document editor, that would be even better!

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Thank you for submitting this suggestion Hanah Delacourt, I'm passing it on to the Product team now 👍

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else! 

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