Merging Accounts Lessons Learned

We are in the process of merging two accounts into one. For the community members that have been through this experience - what are some things you wish you knew before the merge happened? Did it go as smoothly as you expected it to go? How did you prep your own space/account before the merge?

Honey Al Sayed - I saw your post from last year. Can you provide any feedback on your experience?


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Hi there - yes we did this several years ago.  Here are some tips that I hope you find helpful

  1. Make sure that admins from both (all) accounts are involved in pre-merge discussions
    1. Assess your Spaces in each account and configurations (snapshot any special sharing etc – so that you can reference and adjust after merging if needed)
    2. Global Defaults – determine which account can be considered the “default” and look into the impact (if any) for switching the non-default accounts into the new combined default states:

Work Schedules
Admins & Space Setting

  1. Access Roles and sharing – Plan how the post-merge spaces will function – I believe these will come in with everyone having the same access as before – but you may have custom sharing / access roles that might impact the users post-merge
  2. Security and settings – may also be impacted if you are using SSO, so involve your IT team to support during this pre-merge planning phase
  3. Don’t merge during normal business hours.  Plan communications for pre-merge/during merge (usres might need to access the read-only version of the Wrike accounts) and post-merge (delete old bookmarks, new log in needs, etc)


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Following to learn more as we are expanding the Wrike platform and this topic might come up in the near future.

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We haven't had to do this yet and I say yet as we could in the future as we partner with other companies / investors. I would love to hear your experience after you do the merge as well. Good luck!

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Think what you realy want to merge and what stays separate. We have even in one company for each location a separate space with separate workflows and completly other work structure. So do not try to merge everything.

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Hi Everyone! 

Back to share my experience with my team's merge, only took three months to get it all squared away 😬. The merge was comprised of bringing my team's space into another account. The merge happened over night, the back and forth discussions we had with Wrike took a while.

Good things to know:

- Get SSO set up for the other account you plan on merging into, get invited then become an admin of that space

- If you are on two different default workflows it's best to create your own (copy current default and rename it e.g. Marketing Team Workflow) and make that the default of your space, if not then then the account will have a new default with both account's statuses. It's also good to update all your current and archived tasks/projects with this new default.

- If both departments do not work together (like in our instance) be prepared to create separate User Groups and make your spaces private after the merger. This will prevent people clicking into other spaces. (fyi - 'My Team' will be comprised of everyone and anything shared with My Team will have access)

- Just a word of caution: Wrike does not back up your data before the merge and if data gets intertwines it's up to you to resolve

Hope that helps! Let me know if there are any questions!


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