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I would like to have a view in which I see which person is currently working on which tasks. As I can see, I can only sort by Taskname, Date, Status and so an. Not by assigned Person.

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Hi, I think there is more than one way of achieving this.  I guess you are in the list view of a project?

The easiest way to see all tasks in a project attributed to staff I think is the ressource view.  In your project, you have the choice on how to see your tasks, usually, it is List by default.  You can click on the + at the right and choose Ressources.  Then all your projects and subprojects will be there for you to expand and you'll be able to see the task per person concerning a project.  The view below is showing that.

We could do Workloads, Dashboards with specific filters to show what you want to.

I hope I understood what you needed and that my solution will help you.

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Another way you could see this is by setting up a dashboard for each team member assigned to tasks. You could filter by current active tasks, or leave this filter blank to see all tasks for which each team member is assigned. 

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