Sorting in Table View

As a user, I normally sort the tasks in my project by title in the table (or list) view. In order to have the tasks appear in my preferred order, I have labeled them Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, etc. However, if I have more than 9 tasks numbered this way, Wrike sorts the tasks with Task 10 immediately after Task 1 instead of Task 2 after Task 1. To overcome this, I have to add a 0 to the front of all single-digit tasks. It would be helpful if Wrike sorted the alphanumeric task in the proper order without having to add additional digits.

Another more flexible option is to allow the user to manually order the tasks based on the user's preference & update the sort options to: custom order, priority, due date, status, importance, or title so that user can return back to the order preference at any time.

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Hi Jennifer Wood, thank you so much for sharing your use case and feedback in detail. I've passed on your suggestions to our Product team👍🏼

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