Dashboard & Timeblocking

I believe @... has talked about this before, but I would reiterate that checking out your Dashboard is a great way to get a bigger picture of what is going on and then prioritize your tasks for the week and even the day ahead.

I also recommend time blocking your to-dos and your to-decides. Hopefully you know yourself best and know the best time of day when you're most productive, but divvying up your tasks into to-dos and to-decides can help streamline those processes. Also keep in mind how you are feeling... making decisions in the heat of strong emotions can sometimes turn for the worst. Also, creating assets or doing spreadsheets could get messed up by little errors when you are not in a great state of mind- be aware of how you feel!

Having times when you are your best (for me this is typically the beginning hour, usually coming back from lunch, and the last hour) blocked on the calendar to help eliminate distractions and get things done (the to-dos and to-decides) is definitely helpful for myself!

Thanks for listening and I hope this can give you some ideas to implement into your schedules.

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Thank you for sharing Sean Wright, these are great best practices. And it's true that I'm a big fan of Dashboards🌟

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