See which form was used to generate a task

Hello! I would like (and think it would be beneficial to all) if on each task you were able to see what form was used to generate this task. In my organization, we have dozens if not hundreds of forms all going to different spaces and folders. In many folders, we have multiple forms sending tasks into them. 

For example 

Folder X has 4 forms that send tasks into it (Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, and Form 4) 

On each task in Folder X, it will show which of the forms was used to generate that task

#803738203 by John S. on Dec 1, 2021 (From Form 3)
#803735736 by Mark P. on Dec 4, 2021 (From Form 2)

This can be used to troubleshoot issues with forms and tasks in a space or folder and properly distribute access to forms by tasks they frequently come in contact with


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Hi Jack O'Brien, thanks for posting this idea, it's very interesting! I'll pass it on to our Product team 👍

I was thinking about what can be done in the meanwhile. For example, would it be possible to introduce a dropdown question where the answer would be added to the title of a task? If you could think of what that question could be, it could help distinguish between the tasks coming from different forms. What do you think? 



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