Automation of Calendar Tasks

While we keep track of many moving parts for various tasks, automation to work flows has been a huge help. We have the system set to update our workflow to needing "follow up" actions. So by having the work flow change automatically after a task occurs (due). We are able to automatically see these specific items on a dash board as needing resolution regardless of the due date. One reason this flow works best for us as the various tasks occur each day (same due date), then they have varying cadence of follow up time needed after that. This also has brought positive impact to leadership by being so easy to see events on a calendar with layers set to show where in the work flow the events are.


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Thanks a lot for sharing your best practice Kyrstan Mckay! 🤗

Could you share if you're using other automations in Wrike? For example, many members here have shared their favorite automation rules here, it might be useful for you to check out 😊

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