Copy/paste from description to comments should keep all formatting

As a fully remote and distributed team, we are utilizing the description part of folders and projects for meeting notes, high-level prioritization, and other information. We found it's super helpful to have a consistent location for this kind of info.

In the case of the meeting notes, I copy and paste them into the comments so we have a historical record of what was discussed and can follow up on actions from the previous week. Which means we use a lot of bullet points and other formatting, but unfortunately when I copy something from the description, it doesn't keep all the formatting when I paste it into the comments. The most annoying being that the bullet points and color of the text are lost and I have to manually add dashes at the front of each line to visually separate them. It also doesn't keep highlighting. Which isn't a huge deal, but could be important for others. 

As for prioritization, we list out priorities by month for certain roles like videography and copywriting. At the end of the month, I copy and paste the list into the comments for historical purposes. Since our product supports multiple industries, I color code the tasks so we can quickly see how much effort is supporting each industry. I lose all the color-coded text and all the checkboxes that show whether or not a task was completed.

Yeah, I understand this is probably not the way Wrike was designed to be used, but it's working really well for the team and they're really digging having historical notes in the comments because we can look up old notes, remember why a decision was made, use it for realistic capacity planning, look at trends, etc. Just a quality of life thing that would save time for me and others on my team. Thanks for the consideration!

TL;DR: When I copy a description into the comments of a task/folder/project I want it to keep ALL the formatting.


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Hi Daisy Hibbard, thank you so much for taking the time to give us detailed feedback and for sharing your use case here. I've passed it on to our Product team 👍

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