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In our Wrike account we are used to attaching files directly from our online storage solution: BOX.

This is very practicle to keep everything in one place.

Security is stengthening these days so our external BOX links now expire after 90 days.

The problem is that when I attach a file from BOX into Wrike, it actually generates such link so be able to attach it to the task. It will become a dead link after the 90 days.

In IT, 90 days is a pretty common project duration so this will be a problem in loads of our projects.

Is there a solution?

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Hello Alexandre BRUN, thank you for reaching out!
As Box allows to set any expiration date, and the absolute maximum date when the links automatically expire is 10 years, I am afraid it would not be secure to alter this logic, to override your team's security settings from our side. 
So in this case, we could only recommend reconsidering the settings at least for some certain file types that do not carry any confidential info, or attach files directly to your tasks, projects and folders in Wrike.

Let me know if that helps.

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