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My team utilizes a few dashboards containing work to be done today, tomorrow, and 2- weeks out, sorted by priority.  This helps all teams get a concrete sense of work being done by which team member, for that day. And while projects do change throughout the day, I feel like this provides a great baseline for the amount of work needing to be done and what team members are completing them, so the team as a whole has a general sense of how busy this team is today vs. potentially tomorrow or later this week.

For a team that deals with a high output of projects, it's good to have a place that provides a real-time place to review work that's currently in progress -- all without taking out more time of our days by needing to meet and discuss it in person.

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Hi Cheryl Venable, thank you for sharing your tip! I personally love tracking my to do's on a Dashboard 👀

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