Horizontal dragging of Calendar view

As discussed with Peter Devereux it would be a huge help to be able to drag the calender view horixontally...currently you can only just forwards by fiscal or year view. This is a problem when in:
>Fiscal Year View: Once you get to Nov, Dec, Jan etc you can only see a a limited view upto end March,
>Calendar Year View: Same issue when you are getting towards year end (Nov for example - you either see everything in the past and a month or so ahead, or you have to skip through a whole year and cannot see the current date.
The view needs to show most of the year ahead with minimal view of what has alreay gone.
If you could click and slide / drag the view then this would negate this issue
Please feel free to call if my description is not clear

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Hi Rubin Howdle, welcome back to the forums 👋

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here, it will be passed on to the Product team 👍

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. 

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