Use project/folder descriptions for planning (and color-coding!)

One thing our Marketing team started leaning heavily on in Q4 of 2021 is utilizing the description fields of projects and folders to organize overall notes, do high-level planning, and use that info for realistic capacity planning too. That's where we paste a link to campaign notes or project charters that we have to keep in our company's Google Drive, so it's sort of become a "one stop shop" for all high-level info related to the project.

One of our recent wins was laying out a Q1 plan for all of our videography work in the description of the folder and I color-coded each video name based on the industry it supports, that way the brand managers can quickly see how much effort is going into each industry to ensure an even coverage.

I help the team keep the high-level plan on track, organized, check the boxes as the videos are complete, and make notes as plans change. Then at the end of the quarter I cut and paste the quarterly plan into the comments to save it for historical purposes and we can also use the info to hold a quick Retrospective to talk about why things changed and what we can improve! 🙌

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Great tips Daisy Hibbard, thank you for sharing! 

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