Integrating Wrike into day-to-day operations?

Hi there,

Myself and a fellow PM just took the plunge with Wrike after demoing it to our executive group. We work in a small energy company that does work across all kinds of different production facilities (solar, hydro, gas turbine, etc.).

Does anyone here have a best practice guide or maybe a good youtube video on how to maximize the effectiveness of Wrike as a workflow tool?

We've got a very wide range of ages and tech levels in our company. But I would like to show everyone under our roof how Wrike can help them specifically. We previously were using a mishmash of Outlook, Excel, and Sharepoint, with a peppering of Project to track deliverables for our client. We work closely with regulatory bodies, so there is always a standard set of documents we deliver for each project.

How can we best use Wrike to track completed documentation and field work to keep everyone on each project team on the same page?

I personally pushed hard for this change and I want to ensure that I keep pushing in the right direction. Thank for any help you can give.

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Hello Alex Carey, welcome to the Community!

We have multiple recorded webinars covering various best practices, you can find them here

Please let me know if you have any questions🙋🏻‍♀️

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We too had varying levels of interest as we migrated to Wrike. For us there were quite a few nah sayers that just didn't want to learn the new system as they were not seeing its full potential. I know it helped for us to build out our needs and then have to show them the positives from this collaborative tool. It took a few weeks but we were able to build out the system in a way that reduced manual spreadsheets and provided live updates to all users. Now we have fully migrated one of our large spreadsheets into Wrike and have everyone getting on board now that they can see the benefits! Good luck!

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Greetings Alex, by now I'm sure you've had a fair amount of time in the software to learn and play. I'm curious what your takeaways have been. My organization is currently in the process of growing our Wrike use from individual teams to the whole org and within our team I'll admit that there was quite of a bit of growing pains but some successes came from:

Defining purpose of Comment section and description section

Defining use of Task vs. Project vs. Folder

Clarifying benefits of uploading files vs using SharePoint links (we work in live documents often collaboratively so uploading was ineffective for us)

Lastly, one of the biggest gains happened when we made our Wrike space reflect our SharePoint structure so folks could easily map work back and forth.

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Hey Eric Fiero, just mentioning Alex Carey here so they see this 👍

If you need any help from us do let me know, we'll be happy to assist further also 🙂

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