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Hi Wrike Users - How do your marketing/creative teams handle creative briefs in Wrike? Do they keep them in Wrike itself or link from somewhere else? We currently capture brief info from request forms into the project description but my marketers find them difficult to update and to add additional insights. Would you be willing to share your examples? 

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My company is currently in the midst of trying to develop what format works best for us! What we're doing now is not super high-tech but so far working. We first brainstormed in a google doc the types of info we wanted to collect and then created a templated "Task" (how we segment out our work to teams, who each get sub-tasks for specific jobs).  When there's a new brief needed (which we believe pretty much every piece of work should get one!), we add this info to the top of that main Task.  Then each Project Manager fills it in manually with the following info:









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Hi Meghan,

In our organization, new product development projects are not allowed to generated without an approved brief.  Briefs are done through request forms with a basic eye to market requirements along with some custom fields to help make more informed decisions.

First set of questions is about general product requirements which are populated into the brief description field.  Then it moves on to more specific questions that help drive a more informed decision as well evaluate the market landscape. 

Questions at the beginning of the brief shown in the description field below:

The second half of the brief questions are automatically populated into custom fields which drive a set of calculated fields to provide estimates on tooling costs, man hours, and sales lift.

Briefs are reviewed on a weekly basis so timely decisions can be made.  We have a custom workflow for our briefs as well to help inform the team how it is progressing:

Once it is approved, then a project is launched and the brief is attached to the project.

Hopefully this helps provide some good ideas for the way your team may generate new briefs.  Would like to see what your team is doing or any suggestions for improvement you may have for us.


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